2013 the year was awarded! here are the best articles of the year.

Last Update on 31 December 2013

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What year, huh? I’ve always loved the years that ended in number three. In fact, this is my third! Do you know what that means?

In any case, since the entire post is mainly an opinion, it does not need much of the introduction, is it? (This is my way of saying I can’t write).

With this in mind, let’ s move on to …

Here are some of my favorites.

I also completed one of my most important goals for this blog during 2013, which was supposed to be.

CIG podcast was shown in “New and Noteworths” iTunes for several weeks, and many of you have told me that you really like audio format. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come …After I released the first episode, I set the goal of making at least one podcast an episode a month. I can proudly say that I have achieved this goal this year! Here are some of my favorite episodes, including interviews with some of my personal heroes:

You can see all the episodes in.

On a personal note, 2013 was a pretty crazy year for me. The main reason is that I’m finally here.

I wonder if I didn’ t write a post on de-listing. In fact, the actual window part of all this didn’ t look like a huge deal, I have to go on stage, shake hands with the deans and the president of the university, and annoy my mother by hitting that pose for my senior picture:

But the biggest shock came later, with the knowledge of what I am.

Because I’m Bayesian, and so I’m trying to make statements based on probabilities, I can’t say I’m never going to a graduate student. However, I do not currently have plans to do this ..

This means that life is largely empty. No training program, no programs, no plans set by other people. I’ll figure out what I’m doing from this point by 100% …

Being a solo entrepreneu definitely strengthens the feeling, but even without that fact, it’s still strange, knowing that I have completely finished with all these formative, school years …

Of course, the whole point of this website is to help students do the most out of college to make life.

Speaking of impossible things, I have achieved one of the biggest goals this year:

  • To be fearless.
  • It’s not as impossible as many people think. Finding ways to increase your income and reduce your expenses can really speed up the payroll process.
  • Many student debts can be avoided. Most of 2014 will be devoted to the education of students on this issue, because this debt crisis is insane and needs to be fixed ..
  • On the other side of the coin, I once again reminded me of the horrors …

    The Council is for those who have entrepreneurial aspirations: The tax is much worse when you don’t work for someone else who does it for you. Be ready …

    More happily, in October, I celebrated one year of being with my beautiful girlfriend, Anne!

    I also added more items to my mental list of reasons why she’s the best girl ever, including:

  • She took part in our inside out without hesitation.
  • I convinced her to play “Magic”: “Wuthering” with my friends and me.
  • She goes to the gym with me, and she’s actually lifting weights (even though she’s a girl, the moving weights immediately put her in a muscular freak with chest hair, than our carpeting, had to listen to Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer).The 2013 trip was quite eventful. In February, I flew to Austin, TX, and joined my friend.
  • I went back to Japan in May. Among other things, we explored the caves, went to the volcano, ate a lot of people who were in order, and met this guy:

    Other trips included Florida, Wisconsin (spring trip with lots and lots of snow), Minneapolis, and the second trip to Austin …

    I also went back to reading the real books this year. I’m tracking my progress.

    Other notable things have happened this year, but I’ll finish my personal drip here!

    Oh, yeah, because of that random date, I feel like a fire and motivation.

    This unprecedented moment in our numerical tracking of the Earth’s movement around the sun has filled me with a sense of purpose, not yet feeling!

    I’m not sure that 2014 will bring, but I have grandiose plans for the coming year:

  • I’m writing a book! expect more in the near future.
  • An increasing interview with the subcutt is on its way. I have a big list of guests I’m dying with, so you can anticipate a lot of new episodes …
  • Music reviews return! Set up one day of the week as.
  • It’s for me! (until I get a new idea of something)

    Tell me, what’s in the store for you in 2014? What are you going to accomplish?

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