You want to be healthier and more productive? let' s do a regular breaks

Last updated on June 1, 2016,

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I’ve been writing articles at Info Geek College for over a year (say, what?). When you write enough articles for the same site, you start to notice the topics in your writing …

One recurring theme in my writing, I recently learned, is the importance of taking breaks. Any time I’m talking about.Think about it, and in the videos of Thomas, frequent breaks. Like him.

Since the break is such an important topic here at the Info Geek College (whether we know it consciously or not), we decided that the topic is worthy of his post. It doesn’t matter that your major, I guarantee you can take a break from work more often …

So come in when I find out why it’s so important to take breaks (and how you can start adding more to your schedule today) …

As a bonus, this post may even save your life (seriously!) ..

“It is also good to walk out of doors, that our spirits can be raised and freshet in the open air and fresh breeze …”

Breaks are cool. They may seem like nothing exciting, just “between” periods in which there’s not so much going on, but they are actually amazing ..

This is not going to happen because of the benefits. In a broad sense, these benefits fall into two categories:

Let’ s carefully study each of them …

Physical advantages.

You’re not a robot. I know it might be a disappointment, and maybe one day, we’ll all be an indefatigable superhuman cyborg, but before that.

Our biology didn’ t evolve to sit at the table, stamp all day …

Yuval Noah Harari puts him in.

-Thirty thousand years ago … The Ferger may leave the camp with his companiers, say, eight in the morning. They had caught the nearby forests and the meadows, gathering mushrooms, and fish edible roots, catching frogs, and occasionally running away from the tigers. By the evening they had returned to the camp to dine. It gave them a lot of time to gossip, tell stories, play with children, and just hang out. “ (50) ..

This is the life that we have evolved to live, even if we live now, far from it. The most striking point from the above quote is that.

If you need some more excuse, sitting continuously, not just unnatural-it can be even deadly, like a researcher of inactivity (yes, this is a real field of research) Mark Hamilton explained in.

“This is your body on the stunts: the electrical activity in the muscles is falling-‘muscles are going as quiet as the dead horse,’” Hamilton says. The calorie burn rate will be immediately loaded at about one minute, a third of what it would be if you got up and walked. Insulin efficiency falls within one day, and the risk of type 2 diabetes is increasing. So you risk being obese. “

Obviously, this is a huge simplification to say that all the time, it will reduce your life and yourself. Life expectancy is a complex thing that we still do not fully understand, but.

So, therefore, this case is to stand and take a break …

Creative Benefits.

But the benefits of regular interruptions are not just physical. Regular breaks are also crucial for peak creativity ..

Perhaps you think: “ The smell isn’t creative. It’s just remembering things so I can get him back to the final exam. “.

If this is an approach to learning, you do it wrong, and you neglect many of the “research” activities that are actually creative. Any time you write an essay, it’s a creative act. Generate a lab report? Creative act. To make an elegant solution to the mathematical proof? Creative …

again.Even if you think that your core is not creative, creative thinking is one of the keys to high performance. If you want A, you need to work exceptionally …

In any case, how does this view your creativity? Again, it goes back to human biology. Like the Neath Eliasson discusses in his article.

In the last 90 minutes, in other words (as well as too much work in general), it is harmful to the quality of your creative conclusion. Incidentally, this is another reason why it is best to split large written assignments and other projects in a few days-your ability to apply creative thinking to the project is improving ..

Now that we are convinced that it is important to have regular breaks, let’ s dig a little deeper into what looks a day (and a year).I have two broad categories of interruptions that can be taken from work: Macro Breaks and Micro Breaks. What do these terms mean? I’ll cover everyone in my turn ..

This type of break-in allows you to do something other than work, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your creativity (or even allow you to catch up on some sleepwalking). I’m not going to talk about these things any more than you have to try.

How many times has happened to you?

SOCIAL CHECK DOES NOT TAKE A BREAK!! You’re just wasting your time and losing your ability to focus even further, not to mention, to balance on the brink of a vacuum wormhole, which is the most Internet …

When I say “break,” that’s what I mean:

Note that this definition is still quite vague. It’s purposeful. This is not too important for what you do, as long as it fits the above definition. If you’re still not sure what you should do, you stick to the end of the article for some practical tips …

Before I move on to the tactical side, I have something to do.Don’t think I’m very powerful and powerful here: I used all of these …

Don’t let those excuses stand in your way. You’re smarter than that …

Now that I’ve moved you to the rest camp, there’s still a few details left to figure out. If you are not in the habit of taking regular, correct breaks, it may take some practice to build a habit …

Use the following information to help you remember and retrieve the maximum value:.

That’s why I’m trying to do something that gets blood on my break. I’m alternating between.

There are hundreds of possibilities for your breaks.

These applications worked normally, but what actually works for me is.

You can also use a Pomodoro style application or a Web site, for example.

As Charles Duhig is denuding

In the case of a break.

That’s why, especially when you build a habit, I recommend you.

Once again, just make sure you don’t use a destructive reward, such as a profound pleasure from drinking or reading celebries

When you apply the principles of formation of habit to regular breaks, you are much more inclined to turn from what would have been.

Meditation could be.

For more information about this topic, see Thomas’s video.

Do you want to get some responsibility for building this habit? -I do.

You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

I’ll join you, and I’ll also send you.

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